We take a client-oriented approach to every installation project we work on. Our first step is always the same: we sit down with you to discuss and understand your goals. By first knowing what you're trying to accomplish, we can then start designing and installing an audio video solution that is perfectly customized to fit your situation and exceed your expectations.

Site Survey

After our initial consultation, we conduct a site survey in which we travel to your building/location and determine how the physical limitations and any previously installed equipment might affect our installation.

For us, space drives design. That's why the site survey plays such a critical role in our process. It is only after we define the parameters of your site that we can communicate the needs of your installation and achieve the desired functionality.


Following the site survey, we decide what will be the right equipment for your installation. By taking into account the unique requirements and physical limitations of your site, we can ensure that the equipment we use will be the perfect fit.

With years of industry experience and access to the most cutting-edge AV equipment, we know just how to find the right equipment to help you achieve your goals.


Once we have gathered the necessary equipment, we then determine how best to control it. In other words, we figure out how the different pieces in your installation work together under one cohesive system.

Although you may be facing a relatively complex problem now, we promise that part of our solution will be to design a control system that is simple to use and easy to maintain.


The last major step in our installation process is to conduct a training session with you. The goal of this training stage is to help you understand everything you need to know about the installation so that you can have continued success with our system for years to come. Only then do we officially hand you the "keys."

But that's not where our work ends. Because we're committed to your future success, we urge you to call us at any point in the future for questions, advice, maintenance or even updates to your installation.

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About Us

Since 1974, Triad Productions has grown from a professional recording studio into a full-service technology integration company, with specialties in audio video production, installation and industrial control.