We've seen and done it all over the past four decades — from installing the most intimate chapel sound systems to designing intergalactic access panels for the Starship Enterprise. And yet, our team is still more passionate than ever to push the creative and technological envelope and deliver the most effective technology solutions for you. Read on to discover a handful of the countless projects we've completed over the years.

Virgil I. Gus Grissom Memorial Museum - Mitchell, IN

Triad recently had the privilege of helping Group Delphi update the interactive displays at the Gus Grissom Memorial Museum in Mitchell, IN. An interesting museum chronicling the life and career of one of America's true space pioneers.

We updated the displays, selection buttons and even recreated the original programs using current hardware. This should help the museum tell Gus's story for years to come.

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First United Methodist Church - Newton, IA

Newton, IA - The challenge for this installation was to change out older LCD projectors with current laser DLP projectors. The dimensions of the new projectors wouldn't allow for using existing cutouts. The customer wanted a large flat panel display for use as a confidence monitor. We needed to upgrade the analog signal to a digital signal. The biggest challenge is that everything is approximately 25 feet in the air.

The solution was to externally mount projectors to the wall surface using arms and inverted brackets. We mounted the large LCD monitor in the space between the projectors. Members of the church provided scaffolding and labor assistance to pull new cabling and mount all equipment to the wall. Triad added an HDMI switcher, HDBaseT signal delivery and an AMX control panel to round out the system upgrade.

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Plano, TX-- Multinational automotive manufacturer Toyota has moved their North American headquarters to Plano, TX. A multi-phase opening of their new corporate museum started in 2017. Triad Productions worked with Group Delphi to provide a redesign of the speaker system in the museum, as well as DSP (digital signal processing) management of the audio playback and paging system utilizing a custom iPad interface.

Triad also assisted in integrating lighting control of architectural lighting elements. Additional phases will occur in 2019, and we look forward to sharing our process on this exciting project!

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Guam, USA-- The U.S. territory of Guam wanted to locate a permanent building to house their museum's ever-expanding collection — in particular, the history and culture of the Chamorro people, the indigenous population of the Mariana islands.

The path visitors take through the museum leads them through the history of Guam using audio, video and interactive displays. Triad Productions again worked with Group Delphi to provide hi-def video distribution, speakers, audio wands for kiosks and more. Triad was also involved in interpreting the design to create an immersive audio system for the three-projector theater experience.

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Des Moines City Council

Des Moines, IA-- The Des Moines City Council contacted Triad to design the audio, video, control and voting systems for the council chambers back in 1998. While the system worked well with basic maintenance and upgrades, a major renovation of the Des Moines City Hall in 2016 required the building to be vacated. As a result, Triad designed and installed an updated version of this system in the Municipal Service Center.

In 2017, it was decided that the City Council would return to the newly renovated City Hall. At the same time, the City Council wanted to leave the current system at the Municipal Service Center to provide an alternate site for city meetings. Triad designed and installed a duplicate of the video system, along with an updated audio system that includes teleconferencing. Technologies used in this project include AMX control, BSS audio and SVSI video.

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Plymouth Church

Des Moines, IA-- We have been working with Plymouth Church for years now. In 2014, Plymouth Church was involved in a complete refurbishment of their sanctuary and had contacted Triad to bring the massive undertaking to fruition. We helped remove the old sound system, design and install the new system and design and install a multi-camera video recording set-up. Work started at the start of June 2014 and was completed in mid-September that year.

Equipment included steerable line arrays, CobraNet audio system, remote controlled multi-camera pan/tilt/zoom video system, audio and video distribution to overflow rooms and network-based audio and video recording. Since then, Triad has worked with Plymouth Church to maintain and update the sanctuary system, digital signage and audio and video systems in meeting rooms.

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Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Dallas, TX-- Triad was contracted by Group Delphi to develop signature exhibits for the main lobby of the renowned Perot Museum. We were tasked with building a system of interactive spheres for the museum's Dancing Water display, where 88 models of water molecules (H20) are suspended from the ceiling. These models were designed to perform an animated dance as visitors passed underneath. A central control unit was used to signal the individual water molecules' motor control, causing the molecule to go up and down whenever motion was detected.

Triad also provided audio and video installation for various other exhibits at the museum, including a musical stairs exhibit involving motion detection. Multi-channel audio was delivered to speakers associated with each step a visitor took on the museum staircase, which was also replicated in the elevators for guests with disabilities. Additionally, we designed and installed a series of talking trash cans throughout the museum, which awed visitors with pre-recorded phrases and sound effects as they tossed in their trash. This was made possible by encasing battery-operated audio players alongside motion detectors.

Golden State Warriors

Oakland, CA-- Triad was contracted by Group Delphi to assist in the design and installation of the sales offices for the Golden State Warriors' new arena. For this unique experience, guests would arrive and be escorted into the Arrival Zone. From there, guest would enter the Immersion Room, which contained a 2x6 video wall with surround sound audio to build excitement about the new arena. Guests would then be shown displays showing how the arena fits into the neighborhood, kiosks outlining details of the new arena and a physical model of the arena. Triad designed the control for the rotation position of the model, thus allowing the guest to see what their view would look like from various locations in the arena, displayed on a 1x8 portrait video wall.

Triad was also involved in mockups of a typical suite in the arena, which involved an ultra-short throw, high-def projector to simulate the view. Beam-steering microphones, Dante audio networking, video delivery over IP and AMX control were some of the technologies used in this project.

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Star Trek: The Experience

Las Vegas, NV-- For this elaborate attraction in the nation's entertainment capital, Triad Productions provided the show control system for a stunning replica of the Starship Enterprise. Our show control integrated all the subsystems within this one of a kind attraction, making for an immersive and unforgettable experience for world-traveling Trekkies.

For the complete experience, we even designed simulated touch panels that resembled the futuristic controls from the iconic Star Trek spacecraft. To achieve this effect, we fashioned glass panels with intuitive hand motion sensors — a technology that wasn't even available at the time of Mr. Bill Shatner's classic sci-fi show.

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