Industrial Control Design

At Triad, we can design industrial control solutions of all sizes. Our systems have ranged from having a few controlled I/O points to involving multiple coordinated PLCs.

We also know how to implement a number of protection techniques for our system designs, such as Intrinsic Safety, E-stop functions and safety interlocks.

In the end, we're driven to design a solution that has the I/O feedback and redundancy you need. Our solution will be easy to maintain, reliable and on budget. We can work with you from a list of I/O you need to control, or we can can take a proof of concept prototype and make a production version.

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Museum, Science Center, Trade Show Design

We can assist you in your museum, science center or trade show technology needs. Regardless of your industry, we begin every design by first consulting with you to better understand your audience's needs and your own professional goals.

Our solutions involve working with you on your audio, video or interactive experience. We can work with you or your consultant to implement your vision and concept, delivering everything on time and on budget. We'll also provide support for your exhibit following our design and into the future.

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Show Control Design

The team at Triad can design a show control system from small systems (like a single kiosk) to large systems involving a theme park or science center. We've designed systems that coordinate multiple aspects of a show, display or guest experience, as well as special effects items relating to audio, video, lighting and more.

We'll design your show or customer experience to be interactive and event-based or fixed to cycle the same way every time, on repeat every day. As with everything we do, your goals drive our design.

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Single Board and Micro Controller Design

If your control solution needs are smaller, we can design a system using a micro controller or single board computer. Some of the platforms we work with include Raspberry Pi, Arduino and the Basic Stamp.

We'll work with you on designing the hardware and software requirements, right down to the smallest detail, so that our solution meets your needs, on time and on budget.

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2D & 3D CAD

Triad can supply the 2D and 3D CAD (computer-aided design) drawings for your design or documentation. We'll assist you in creating documents from concept block diagrams, submitting drawings for proposals and drafting final documentation for a system.

We work with AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical, Autodesk Inventor and Dassault Systems SolidWorks software packages. In addition, we can create CAD documents in a format you can use for your entire project team to view.

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About Us

Since 1974, Triad Productions has grown from a professional recording studio into a full-service technology integration company, with specialties in audio video production, installation and industrial control.