No matter the setting, performance or audience size, we can adapt to your needs when it comes time to record on location. We strive to bring studio quality recording to any location, as well as offer audio post-production to ensure your recording lasts a lifetime.

Live Event

We specialize in all types of remote audio recording. From churches to college campuses to music festivals, we've seen, done and heard it all.

Our team of audio experts will bring years of diverse experiences to your event recording, with backgrounds in music education, concert production and more. We know how to handle all aspects of live event production, including on-site preparation and recording, plus post-event mixing and mastering.

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Closed Session

Although the majority of our location recording work tends to center on public performances, we also offer closed session services. For these sessions, our team will meet with you in the location of your choosing and bring the studio to you — literally — for a private recording.

During these closed sessions, we'll collaborate closely with you and your team, offering our technical expertise to help bring your idea to life.

We also offer extensive post-recording support for both live event and closed session recordings. Our work involves mixing, editing and mastering, after which point we will also package your final recording in the deliverable file format of your choice.

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About Us

Since 1974, Triad Productions has grown from a professional recording studio into a full-service technology integration company, with specialties in audio video production, installation and industrial control.